Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Remember, Remember…….

On the stroke of midnight on Bonfire Night 2011, the so-called British government and their new world order puppet masters sustained another blow to their nefarious, covert plans to dominate the world.

Muad'Dib, Who was unlawfully imprisoned for over 150 days for sending DVDs on the 7/7 London bombings to court as evidence, has now produced a second documentary called "The Nazi Banksters' Crimes Ripple Effect", after the attempt by the "Crown" to silence Muad'Dib failed. This second documentary exposes the history, methods and intentions of these Nazi war criminal banksters, including their plans to exterminate over 6 BILLION of us and completely enslave those who THEY* allow to survive. Think you know the truth about the Nazis?

You don't.

If you are starting to see the world as it really is, with a small group of ruthless sociopaths temporarily controlling everything and everybody, then hopefully you're searching for a REAL solution. The Truth is we are at the crossroads; we can either continue to do nothing and help the new world order to our own detriment or we can begin to put things right, The Way we've been told it should be for thousands of years by the King Ruler of the universe. We have Muad'Dib to guide us all of The Way, as we reinstate God's Law, bringing TRUE freedom, justice, peace, prosperity, security and safety to all.

The time to act is NOW. None of us have anything to lose and everything to gain.

The first step is a simple one: visit, download and watch the film. It's free.

The second step is up to you.






Sunday, 5 June 2011

Border Agency breaks Civil Service Code

The U.K. Border Agency is subject to disciplinary action for contravening The Civil Service Code which is now set in law. Demand is escalating for officials responsible for behaving without integrity to be disciplined or sacked because they failed to follow The Code as part of their conditions of employment. Immigration officials are routinely abusing their authority and here is one example of public servants contravening The Code.


New Zealander Matthew and South African Philip were unlawfully detained and deported in March after a dramatic swoop on their boat in the port by immigration officials and police.


Officials from The Border Agency have contravened Section 6 of the Civil Service Code by acting without 'Integrity '.

Officials are required by The Code to act in a way that is professional and retains the confidence of all those with whom they have dealings. They are also required to deal with the public and their affairs fairly, efficiently, promptly, effectively and sensitively. The Civil Service Code sets out the core Civil Service values and the standards of behaviour expected of all civil servants, including:-
  • Integrity – putting the obligations of public service above personal interests

  • Honesty – being truthful and open

  • Objectivity – basing advice and decisions on rigorous analysis of the evidence

  • Impartiality – acting solely according to the merits of the case and serving governments of different political parties equally well


On or about the 17th of March 2011 members of the agency acting in the Weymouth area, unlawfully detained and subsequently deported two British Commonwealth citizens (named above) who were traveling around the U.K. and northern Europe in a privately owned New Zealand sailboat. When an American friend of theirs came down to see why they were being unlawfully detained, he too was unlawfully and unfairly arrested and detained overnight. Matthew and Philip were subsequently deported to their countries of origin only with the clothes they stood up in and without enough money to live on. They were also made homeless by this action because the boat is their home and it currently remains abandoned in UK.

The officials knew what they were doing was unlawful and unfair, which is why they chose not to classify their actions officially as a "deportation" but instead redefined what they did as an "administrative removal" which forced the two travelers to abandon their sailboat and sent them half way around the world without giving them the opportunity to appeal the unlawful action until they were back in their countries of origin.

Expected Outcome

  • That Matthew and Philip are re-united with their boat which is their home , properly re-imbursed and allowed to continue their journey

  • That the officials responsible are disciplined or sacked for contravening The Civil Service Code.

The Civil Service Code, which is enforced and monitored by The Civil Service Commission, seems set to clean up the acts of civil servants who abuse their power and do not act in the public best interest.

Monday, 30 May 2011

Unlawful Deportation of Matthew and Philip

I hope this finds you well, in good spirit and having a good day.

Please see the letter below, which is addressed to the UK Border Agency (UKBA), the British authorities responsible for the unlawful (i.e. criminal) deportation of Matthew and Philip. If you are unfamiliar with this case, please see more details at the links provided below:-

5 April Dorset Echo

15 April Sovereign Independent:-

29 April interview with Matthew on the Vinny Eastwood Show

Please copy and paste the letter below into a Word file and print it out. Share it with friends and family. There is a place underneath "Thank-you" after "That's The Law" and before the P.S. and P.P.S. for a signature on the attached letter to the UKBA. The UKBA mailing address is located at the top of the letter.

The more people that send these letters in from all over the world, the better. Inundating the UKBA office with these letters should hopefully send the message that U.K. citizens, business owners and potential tourists won't tolerate this treatment of peaceful, law-abiding visitors. The UK Border Agency needs to know what they've done is wrong and that they need to make it right.

This is a golden opportunity to take real action and help out others who were simply supporting their friend, John Anthony Hill (JAH, Muad'Dib), who was recently exonerated for sending the "7/7 Ripple Effect" to the court during the 1st trial of the 3 supposed "7/7 helpers". For more details of that case, please see the following links:-

This really needs to be a sustained campaign, not just a few letters trickling in from here or there once a week, so please put this on your weekly agenda. It shouldn't be a large expense or inconvenience for people just to mail out a couple of copies of this letter per week and if the UKBA offices are receiving dozens and dozens of these letters each week from all over the world, it should help them realise this situation isn't just going to go away.

We are already in the process of trying to get additional media coverage of this injustice to support the letter drive, so if you can help with that effort too, it would be greatly appreciated. Please do your best to help out. Every letter sent should help. We can't sit idly by and do nothing and think we won't be next.

Thank-you for your assistance in righting this obvious wrong.


UK Border Agency /UK Immigration Service
Dorset Ports Office
3rd Floor Robert Rogers House
45 New Orchard
Dorset BH15 1LU

Re: Compensation for Unlawful Deportation

UK Border Agency Official,

I hope this finds everyone at the UK Border Agency well, in good spirit and having a good day.

There is an urgent matter that needs to be brought to your attention so that it may be resolved in a fair, peaceful and lawful manner as soon as possible.

On or about the 17th of March 2011 members of your agency acting in the Weymouth area, unlawfully detained two British Commonwealth citizens who were traveling around the U.K. and northern Europe in a privately owned New Zealand sailboat.

When an American friend of theirs came down to see why they were being unlawfully detained, he too was unlawfully and unfairly arrested and detained overnight.

None of the 3 men you detained were at any time impolite or uncooperative. In fact the two that sailed into Weymouth were doing exactly as they had been previously instructed by your office. They all had appropriate documentation and were within the guidelines set forth in your own literature for visiting the U.K.

Without apology for your unlawful detainment of their American friend, you or agents of the Dorset police department working with or for the UKBA released him later that morning realizing that you had treated him unfairly. You could have and should have then done the same with his two friends, who were from New Zealand and South Africa, and who came here to visit friends in a peaceful and lawful manner.

Instead, you chose to deport them both without due process, because they came to support their friend and priest, who was falsely accused of committing the “crime” of sending the truth to a court, and who has since been exonerated by his jury. You knew what you were doing was unlawful and unfair, which is why you chose not to classify your actions officially as a "deportation" but instead redefined what your were doing as an "administrative removal" which you wrongly felt gave you the right to force the two travelers to abandon their sailboat, which is their home, and then send them half way around the world without giving them the opportunity to appeal your unlawful and despicable action until they were back in their countries of origin. You did this knowingly and with malice aforethought. So your unlawful (i.e. criminal) behaviour was premeditated.

On your own website you state the following with regard to the rights and responsibilities of people visiting the U.K.:-

Rights and responsibilities

This section explains your rights and responsibilities while you are living temporarily or permanently in the UK.

During your stay here, you have the right to:

be treated fairly and lawfully regardless of your race, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation or any disability; and

practise your own religion - similarly, you are expected to show respect for people of other faiths

It is your responsibility to:

• obey the law;

• care for your children (for example, children under the age of 16 must always be supervised by an adult, and they must go to school if they are aged between five and 16); and

• report to the police, if you are required to do so. (The Reporting to the police page contains more information.)

(Emphasis mine) This information may be viewed by visiting the following url:

Neither Matthew, the New Zealand national, nor Philip, the South African national, were doing anything unlawful and they reported to the police almost immediately upon arrival in Weymouth exactly as they were instructed. They did absolutely NOTHING wrong. But if you really and truly felt the British people would have been better served by denying these two peaceful, God-loving and law-abiding citizens of the British Commonwealth entry into the U.K., you could have sent them to the nearest foreign soil—which was their sailboat/home—and kindly asked them to leave. After all, they did contact you upon their arrival and made every attempt to cooperate with you and honour every request you made of them, so there was no reason for you to doubt they would not leave as instructed.

But instead you chose to repay their kindness and respect by very disrespectfully and unlawfully putting them on planes with nothing more that the clothes on their backs and not enough money to afford transport and a room on the other side the world when they landed.

I personally find your actions disgusting, despicable and reprehensible, and so do many, many others, in fact everyone who has heard about it, including members of the media, who have been very helpful in allowing air time on this issue so the public knows how you treat visitors to the United Kingdom.

What you need to do now to make this right is arrange for the immediate transportation of both of these men from where you sent them (one to New Zealand and the other to South Africa) back to the U.K. and then back to their boat/home. You need to sincerely apologize to them for your criminal behavior and reimburse them for the needless expenses that they have incurred as a result of your unlawful/criminal actions. They are both patient and gracious men, and will very likely be understanding that we all make mistakes and readily accept your apology. They will also appreciate that you have chosen to do the right thing by returning them to their home at your expense, since you should have never sent them away from their home in the first place.

Please note well that the reimbursement to these two men should come out of your own pockets, NOT the public till. It's not the public's fault that you committed this crime; it's your own fault and you need to be held accountable for your actions. Be thankful for being given the opportunity to do the right thing and avoid a prison sentence for what you've done.

Hopefully you will take this letter very seriously and come to your senses and be anxious to correct your error. Please don't play any more of your evil games and try to delay or derail this process. Each of you knows, or should know, that what you have done was wrong, wrong, wrong. So help make this a better world for everyone—including yourselves—and do the right thing NOW. You owe it to these two men and to all visitors (everyone really) to treat each and every one as you yourselves would like to be treated.

That's The Law.


P.S. Please consider this letter to be formal notification to you and your agency that a heinous crime has been committed. Should the responsible parties choose not to take the simple steps outlined above to resolve this issue in a timely manner, then additional measures will be taken to ensure those responsible are brought to justice.

P.P.S. This letter has been written to peacefully resolve this issue. If anyone takes offense to it, or considers it to be threatening in any way, then I suggest you take a moment to put yourselves in the shoes of the two gentlemen you or members of the UK Border Agency and/or members of the Dorset Police working for or with the UKBA have treated in this unlawful, unfair, unjust and despicable manner and think about how you would feel right now if the roles were reversed.

“Galatians 6:7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, THAT shall he also reap.”

The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would be done by.

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Who will be Removed from Power?

John Anthony Hill (JAH, Muad'Dib) , author of The Way Home or Face the Fire, stands trial on 9th May 2011 charged with perverting the course of justice , which carrys a life sentence , for the crime of sending a DVD called 7/7 Ripple Effect to court as evidence for the court to consider.

Southwark Crown Court (London, England)
1 English Grounds,
City of London,
Greater London
Tel: (+44) 020 7522 7200

We asked Mr Hill ( Muad'Dib) a few direct questions with some interesting results. See below.......

Question 1 :- What will happen if You lose Your court case?

Muad'Dib says :- Father will punish the British Nation.

Question 2 :- What will happen if You win Your court case?

Muad'Dib says :- We can start to sort out the mess that Elizabeth has created.

Question 3 :-Do You believe the authorities see You as a threat? If so why?

Muad'Dib says :- Undoubtedly. Because they know that I intend to remove them from power and have the ability to do so.

Question 4 :- You must have upset someone very important. Do You know who this is?

Muad'Dib says :- Satan.

Question 5 :- What impact has Your extradition had on Your practical circumstances?

Muad'Dib says :- It has meant that I have relocated temporarily to England and have had the opportunity to teach people in the prison the truth, both guards and inmates.

Question 6 :- What is Your greatest concern about the court case?

Muad'Dib says :- That the authorities will cheat.

Question 7 :- Do You believe that You are being victimised?

Muad'Dib says :- Undoubtedly.

Let us pray that Muad'Dib wins His case on 9th May and brings back Love and Freedom to the British Nation and it's people.

You are either with Him or against Him.
There is no middle ground (Matthew 12:30).


Saturday, 15 January 2011

Silenced by the System?

Silenced by the U.K. "Justice" System?

It has been almost 2 months since Anthony John Hill was extradited from Ireland to the U.K. for the trumped-up charge of "doing an act tending or intended to pervert the course of justice contrary to common law". Internet forums and alternative media sources are abuzz with discussions of this case, but where is the mainstream media and why aren't they covering this breaking story?

The BBC was all too happy to do a hit piece in June 2009 on John Hill and the documentary film he produced entitled the "7/7 Ripple Effect", but found out rather quickly that it backfired on them when the popularity of the "7/7 Ripple Effect" began to soar. Is that why they refuse to do a follow-up story? Because John Hill is now in a U.K. prison being held without bail, with the judge stating plainly that the government doesn't want Mr. Hill to be able to affect the 7/7 Inquest/whitewash going on?

First THEY* arrested John Hill on this preposterous charge, falsely accusing him of doing what Justice Gross and QC barrister Neil Flewitt actually did. Then THEY broke Irish, English and EU laws to have him extradited to the U.K. to face the possibility of life in prison for posting DVDs intended to PREVENT a miscarriage of justice. Now THEY are holding John Hill without bail. And to make matters worse, they have yet to even allow him out of the prison to attend any of his own hearings.

*The Hierarchy Enslaving You

What has happened to our God-given rights to fair and impartial treatment? What has happened to the presumption of innocence; and being considered innocent until proven guilty and convicted by a jury of your peers, in court; that has always been the mainstay of British justice?

With the current white wash going on at the so-called 7/7 Inquest and the mainstream media blackout of everything to do with John Hill's case, should we not all be concerned that Mr. Hill might be the next 'forced disappearance' in the system? It hasn't been that long since Dr. David Kelly's supposed "suicide" over the dodgy dossier, and I don't think anyone in the U.K. is still foolish enough fall for the "official" story that Mr. Kelly was able to shoot himself in the head, twice.

Why are the authorities so scared of John Hill? Why do the authorities want to keep people from viewing the "7/7 Ripple Effect" unless they have something to hide?

The more the authorities try to silence John Hill and maintain this mainstream media blackout, the more they expose their own guilt and complicity in the cover-up of the 7/7 London bombings, which in turn encourages more people to view the film. The more people that actually see the "7/7 Ripple Effect" the less chance there is that the authorities will be able to get away with criminal behaviour, like losing John Hill in the system, or pulling off another terror attack like the 7/7 London bombings… or worse. The authorities are really just making things worse for themselves in the long run. The worst is the people insanely working for the government to help effect these things, basically being tricked into creating an oppressive state Big Brother type system, which is then going to be used against THEM too.

So what does John Hill do in the interim? He continues to teach others how to look beyond our petty differences and unite for the common good. He speaks to other inmates in the prison, individually or in groups, about The Bible and The Koran, pointing out that, when properly interpreted, the two are in perfect harmony with each other. No matter how hard they try to silence John Hill, they can't stop him from sharing his message of Truth, respect, unity and peace. It couldn't come at a better time, as many have recognized that the present path we are on will never produce anything but strife, conflict, division and perpetual war.

The more blatant and malicious the persecution of John Hill becomes, the more his message will ring true with people and the more will have to take notice of what is going on.

Is this really where the people of Britain want their country to go? To persecute innocent people for rightly, and justly questioning the government when its "official" story is filled with holes?

I hope not.

Get behind John Hill now and send a message to the British government:

Monday, 13 December 2010

Wikileaks frenzy used to cover-up critical news story

Wikileaks frenzy used to cover-up critical news story

London, England Dec 10, 2010:-

The million-dollar question that I think must be asked today is this: Why the Wikileaks controlled-media frenzy?

Julian Assange and his Wikileaks website are the focus of a mainstream media blitz right now and it should be clear to everyone at this point that mainstream media only covers nonsense and side-shows, while keeping totally mum about things that should be headlines. So, simple logic would say that Wikileaks is being used by the authorities to accomplish something(s), in an effort to advance or protect some part of their agenda. If the Wikileaks disclosures were actually doing any damage to the NWO agenda, no one would be hearing a peep from the media.

Through extensive research, this author now believes that the following is the REAL reason for the Wikileaks frenzy,

Right now Julian Assange is in London’s Wandsworth Prison. So what? But do you know who else is in that exact same prison?

Also at Wandsworth in London is John Hill (aka Muad’Dib), the man who produced the “7/7 Ripple Effect” film, which completely broke-down, and thus exposed that “terrorist attack” as the false-flag it obviously was. John’s main website is , which has been successfully exposing the British royals and other topics for years. He’s also been telling people through his offshoot website at how to use the truth to get the authorities to drop charges on any/all victimless “crime”.

As the result of Mr. Hill’s decades of actions and personal, original, and in-depth research, he’s been monitored and outright harassed by police for a long time. He’s also been robbed by them, as they stole all his computer equipment and even his printer in an attempt to stop him from revealing things that the crown doesn’t want people to know about. And now, he’s imprisoned for the crime of telling the Truth. The BBC even sent someone to sit outside his home for almost a week, sitting there waiting to ambush him with a camera in order to obtain footage for the attempted character-assassination they perpetrated on him through their “Conspiracy Files” disinformation TV program. John is such a benevolent soul that their attempted character-assassination really turned into a great advertisement for his film.

So, the Illuminazis have put these two clearly dissimilar people both in the EXACT SAME PRISON. One of them (Julian Assange) is just the latest media-created celebrity, who, in reality, no one should really care about and no one would if he wasn’t working for the authorities. The other (John Hill) is a man that many believe has found a way to legitimately reclaim Britain back from the Bankster-Elite, in a non-violent way, through his unparalleled research on the “queen” and the true history of the British people. John has achieved global acclaim for his documentary which millions of people around the world have watched and people are now waiting for the British Courts and Media to ensure that justice is done. It is only a matter of time before an insightful reporter has the sense to join the call for justice.

In John’s film, “7/7 Ripple Effect”, he reported that the people truly behind the 7/7 bombings in London have such sick and arrogant minds, that on the side of the double-decker bus that exploded, they arranged to have a large sign/billboard saying: “OUTRIGHT TERROR…BOLD AND BRILLIANT.”

Picture shown here:

You see? They even gave themselves 4 stars. One for each explosion that day.

These people put signs and symbols everywhere because they are extremely arrogant and love shoving what they are doing right in front of people’s faces, knowing that most can’t “see” it. But John Hill called them out on this one.

It is this writer’s point of view that these rotten, but powerful people have first imprisoned John Hill for telling the public. Then, due to their extreme arrogance and evil minds, they wanted to gloat in front of John at this point, while showing off their “power” and “control”.

John’s film, “7/7 Ripple Effect”, is the product of a brilliant mind having put together bit by bit how a false-flag attack is perpetrated. This author could never have made such a masterpiece. However, I hope through this article that I’ve done what I’m able to for people’s ability to understand this Wikileaks frenzy and distraction, by putting together bit by bit what isn’t being told to people and how the authorities arrogance and symbolism are at play in what’s going on.

God bless you, John. From all of us.

The Force

PLEASE check out the following:

"Friends of Muad'Dib":

J for Justice -- getting any victimless-crime charges dropped:

JAHTruth General Website:

John's FREE Book -- "The Way home or face The Fire":

Saturday, 13 November 2010

A Day of Mourning for The Irish

It was a day of mourning for the Irish Nation, when, on 11th November 2010 , at Four Courts in the Supreme Court in Dublin, when the Irish judges decided to uphold the order to extradite A.J. Hill to the U.K. to face the absurd charge of "an act tended or intending to pervert the course of justice contrary to common law". In doing so, the Irish judges proved to the world that there really is not, and never has been, an independent Ireland and that they are still serving the British crown, NOT the Irish people.

How did this happen?

The Irish judges rejected A.J. Hill's (Muad'Dib's) 11th hour appeal to them to come to their senses, and see what they were doing--in allowing Him to be extradited to the U.K. for sending the TRUTH about what happened on 7/7 to the U.K. court that was holding of show trial of alleged 7/7 co-conspirators--was unjust and insane. Muad'Dib had sent DVD copies of the documentary film 7/7 Ripple Effect to the judge and jury foreman, in care of the court, which was trying the case against 3 innocent young men who supposedly "helped" the 4 young Muslim men alleged to have committed the 7/7 bombings in London. It is perfectly lawful to send evidence to court to be evaluated, typically referred to as an Amicus Curiae, or friend of the court, brief, and the world is looking on and asking why this should be seen as a criminal activity.

Why should anyone face life in prison for sending truthful information to the court to PREVENT a miscarriage of justice? Where is the justice in that?

No-one is forced to watch the 7/7 Ripple Effect documentary, which was not even watched by the Irish Supreme Court judges before they made their decision. How could they judge His Intention in sending the DVDs without ever watching the CONTENT of the DVDs for themselves? Who do these Irish judges REALLY work for and why are the authorities going to so much effort to silence Muad'Dib, and imprison him, for sending TRUTHFUL information, designed to be helpful and informative, to the court? ONLY a FULLY informed jury or judge can come to the RIGHT decision, so having ALL of the evidence is crucial to ensure justice. Muad'Dib should have been thanked for His Efforts, not persecuted. This is OBVIOUSLY a malicious political persecution against A.J. Hill (Muad'Dib) because the 7/7 Ripple Effect has proven that the British government's official cover story for what happened on 7/7/2005 in London is a pack of lies. Please see to keep up with the latest news of this case.

If this can happen to A.J. Hill (Muad'Dib) for sending truth DVDs to a court, it can happen to anyone, including YOU.

What will YOU do to stop this injustice?

Learn The Way of The Force.